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Mario Kart Tour Script Updated
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated
Added Battle Mode Hack to reclaim reward at end of match
Mighty Party Script Updated
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated
Fixed character swap and assigning unowned equipment
25.2 MB
Il2CppDumper Toolbox Pro Updated

Improved UI
Added GDB Breakpoint Integration
Improved Trimming Dump Before Loading
Improved Dumping Interface
Numerous Other Fixes And Improvements

Access is $5 per week
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated
Updated the website and added all of my free dev scripts to the Free Dev Tools section
🆕 Online Drag and Drop Script Builder 🆕

• Il2Cpp Method Edits by Name
• Il2Cpp Hook and Call Methods by Name
• Lib Offset Edits
• Number/Text Search
• Number/Text Refine
• Pointer Search
• GoTo Offset
• Follow Pointer
• Get Results
• Get Values
• Load Results
• Load Values
• Edit GoTo Offset
• Edit Follow Pointer
• Edit Get Results
• Edit Get Values
• Alert Dialogs
• Toast Messages
• Generate Menus From Search Tab Results
🆕 Rom/Emulation Search 🆕

Find Roms, Game Art, Game Manuals, Emulators and Frontends for consoles made by the following.

• Atari
• Sony
• Sega
• Microsoft
• Nintendo
• Panasonic
Grim Soul Script Updated
New Items Added
🆕 Online GG Code Editor 🆕

An online VSC like code editor with auto complete for all Lua and Game Guardian functions and variables.
Sonic Dash Script Updated
🆕 BSCode GG Code Editor APK 🆕

Apk version of the new online editor, only requires internet connection for opening from sites
Online Script Builder Updated
Fixed Il2Cpp Method Edits
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated
Everything that was working prior to update should be again, I will try to fix assign unowned equipment later
Smash Party Script Updated
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated

Battle Mode Farming and assigning unowned equipment is working in 32bit and 64bit

I could not test Krypt functions as I am on a new account, let me know if they or anything else is not working
Mortal Kombat Mobile Script Updated

No Energy function now consumes energy but enables fight button when you are out of energy.

Both No Energy and Remove Restrictions should now work in all game modes.
Guns of Boom Script Updated
Into the Dead 2 Script Updated