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This is a plugin based script aimed mainly at finding edits and creating scripts for Unity based games but can be extended via plugin to do whatever you are capable of scripting for any type of game.

You can import dump.cs (Il2CppDumper) and types.cs (Il2CppInspector) files.

My Il2Cpp Fields and Edit by Name scripts are included as plugins with improvements over the original scripts for making edits.

You can export standalone scripts using the edits made with the plugins.

Do not delete the BC_DATA directory that is created or the files inside of it and its subdirectories.

Info for creating plugins:

A template for creating plugins is in the downloads list with the toolbox.

To load data from dump.cs or types.cs, user will be prompted to select a dump.cs or types.cs file if a saved json with processed dump data is not found in the scripts data directory.


To make the script return to your plugins main menu instead of the scripts main menu when the floating [Sx] button is pressed.

pluginManager.returnHome = true
pluginManager.returnPluginTable = “yourScriptsFunctionTableHere”

To make normal functionality return to the floating [Sx] button.

pluginManager.returnHome = false

Search results from the built in dump search plugins are stored in the following tables which reference dump_cs_table
The tables are created upon loading the search plugin.

Method results
dumpSearcher.methodResults = { {1,10} } — this would be one result referencing dump_cs_table[1].methods[10]

Field results
dumpSearcher.fieldResults = { {1,10} } — this would be one result referencing dump_cs_table[1].fields[10]

dumpSearcher.enumResults = { {1,10} } — this would be one result referencing dump_cs_table[1].fields[10]

Your plugin should be based on the plugin template and have a unique function table name, there should at minimum be a function named “home” in the function table.


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